Brushwood started about 14 years ago with the original line up of Andy Harrison and Kelvin Britton-Miles in the local clubs of the North East.

They dug in and expanded nationally morphing into one of the most popular country based dance acts in the uk,

Early 2008 Kelvin unfortunately didn't make the grade and with his very limited musical ability and his desire to become a volunteer special constable they parted company, making way for Brian to join and take the duo on to the next level, luckily with Andy being the main stay both musically and vocally and with Brians superior musicianship, the new improved format with Andy singing main vocal as always and playing live guitars, much improved twin harmony's and Brians virtuoso country guitar playing they continue to grow and please audiences all over the UK and Europe,


Why not check them out?


If you like your Line dancing country these are the guy's for you?

their motto is and always has been,


Country Music You Can Dance To





Brian started playing guitar when he was 13 years old and he reckons he's just about getting the hang of it now.

He's spent his life in bands and writing and performing music, turning to the country music circuit in Britain about 15 years ago. hes worked for many award winning bands such as Lemon Grass, Mandy Allen, Pete Nadens Honest Truth, Dez Walters and Texas Tornado's,


He joined Brushwood in January of this year after helping out when Andy had his arm injured. he says he's lucky he found something he really loved doing in playing music and has managed to spent his whole life doing it (so far)


"ill play music until nobody lets me anymore"

he says!





I started playing on stage at the tender age of 11 and since then have been in

Numerous bands and acts over the years Country Pop and even Heavy Rock bands

Touring the University circuits, I was also lucky enough to have the opportunity to

Play session Bass for 4 years for a large number of recording acts throughout the UK

And the US,


I am thoroughly enjoying my time with Brushwood especially in its current format

And love meeting and talking to the people at the gigs,

We also recently had the good fortune to play in Holland, Denmark, France and Belgium!

We met some fantastic people and really enjoyed ourselves!


Hopefully we'll see you all at the shows, Don't forget to come and say hello!!